about us

Our mission is simple, yet powerful.

The Bucks County Children’s Museum’s mission is to provide an environment that connects ALL children to the world around them and inspires learning through PLAY.

We continue to stand steadfast to our guiding principles, which are:

• Curiosity and imagination are the foundations of learning.
• The best way to learn is to do.
• Be a resource for children, parents and schools and develop partnerships with like-minded organizations.

The Bucks County Children’s Museum is an idea a local elementary and special education teacher had dreamed of for many years. While raising three children in Bucks County, she experienced the rich history and culture of the area. With the idea of raising awareness and a “sense of place”, she wanted to find a way to educate other young families about the uniqueness of the county while preserving its history and beauty. Combining Bucks County history with fun hands-on learning experiences for families to share in evolved, and she began to present this exciting idea to the community.

This vision was shared with various parent groups, educational foundations and community leaders who received it with great enthusiasm. Based on this support, feasibility data was researched, an advisory committee was established, and the museum was incorporated as a non-profit charity in August 2006. In February 2007, the Founding Board of Directors was assembled and the Bucks County Children’s Museum received 501(c)3 non-profit status in March 2007.

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CLICK HERE to read our Exploration for All Program Guide that can be used to help prepare your disabled child, grandchild or students for their visit. The Exploration for All Program provides educators and families of children with disabilities with innovative tools to make a museum visit more comfortable and enjoyable.

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