Questions? Read our frequently asked questions or call us at 215.693.1290 and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

What ages of children will enjoy the museum?
Our exhibits are designed for young children from 12 months (walking) up to 7 years of age who enjoy pretend play! The museum also has an Exploration for All Program which helps children with disabilities prepare for and experience the museum in a way that works for them.

How long is the average visit?
The museum is approximately 9,000 square feet and the average visit lasts 90 minutes.

When is the museum busiest?
We are busiest on weekday mornings and weekends. Typically, the museum is less crowded after 1:00 pm.

Where can I park?
Metered parking is available throughout Union Square. Please pay for parking at one of the many kiosks labeled “P” and display the ticket on your dashboard. Cost is $1.50/hr. Meters do not give change so bring coins or small bills. There are kiosks that accept credit cards or you can download the Parkmobile parking app, however there are minimum charges of $4.25 for these options.

Can we bring food into the museum?
Food is not allowed within the gallery areas. Peanut Products are not allowed anywhere inside the museum! Eating is allowed in our multipurpose room most Tuesday-Fridays when it’s not in use by a group for a party or other program. Snacks can always be enjoyed in our lobby or outside on the patio.

Where can we eat?
On a sunny day, enjoy a picnic outside on our bench areas. There are various restaurants located within walking distance and HG Pizza is a short drive away.

Can we go out and come back in again?
Yes. A paid admission gives you in-and-out privileges all day.

Can I bring a stroller into the museum?
Due to space limitations, we ask that strollers stay in cars or in our lobby area. Strollers may be used for the comfort of sleeping babies.

Do you offer any accommodations for children with special needs?
Yes! We have Sensory Backpacks available for check-out at the ticket booth. The bags include earmuffs, sunglasses and a fidget toy.

Where can I leave my coat?
Storage cubbies are available inside the Museum. The Museum is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

How often is the museum cleaned?
Our staff constantly monitors our exhibit areas and sanitizes the surfaces within the museum on a daily basis. All toys and dress ups are washed weekly. A professional cleaning service also sanitizes the museum regularly. We also have a hand washing area for children adjacent to our lobby and hand sanitizer units are located throughout the museum for adult use. The museum closes for annual maintenance the week after Labor Day.

Do you have family friendly restrooms?
Yes! Our bathrooms have step stools for kids and a diaper changing station. We do supply zip lock bags so that dirty diapers can be taken home for disposal. We also accept donations of diapers, wipes and other comforts for our changing room.

What is your security policy?
To keep our visitors safe we require all children to be accompanied by an adult and no adults are allowed into the museum without a child. All staff members monitor the museum floor as well as the entrance/exit area.

Is the museum wheelchair accessible?
The Bucks County Children’s Museum is ADA compliant, one level and most exhibits are accessible by wheelchair.

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